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Sheryn Norman is a registered naturopath with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.  In her Wellness Clinic she uses nutritional medicine, iridology, diet advice, herbal medicine and functional pathology.  


As a naturopath she is passionate about offering holistic health solutions based on diet, nutritional medicines, lifestyle tweaks, stress reduction techniques and emotional support and finding natural ways to balance the body chemistry for ongoing optimal health.


Sheryn is a caring and thorough naturopath and enjoys general naturopathy with a special interest in gut health and weight reduction support.  She also has a special interest in holistic chronic pain management and hormonal conditions. 


Sheryn's own health journey through her twenties and early thirties led her to study natural medicine.  Holistic medicine helped her regain her health.


With a focus on being non-judgemental and empathetic of client’s situations, Sheryn provides a safe and encouraging environment where you can achieve good health and still live in the ‘real world’.

Her philosophy for connecting the mind and body is complementary to her practice as a naturopath and as such yoga and meditation are regular in her life.

Sheryn originally comes from the corporate sector so she understands the sorts of pressures you may be experiencing in juggling work, family, friends and your health needs. Health recommendations need to be realistic in the context of your day to day life.

She is passionate in supporting individuals in a holistic way and offers a range of "easy to follow health programs" including gut health, weight reduction, detoxification programs, stress reduction, energy production, hormone balancing, allergy control, immune boosting, pregnancy care and healthy aging support. 


Functional pathology testing can be utilised to find underlying causes of health issues and the clinic only recommends high quality  practitioner-only nutritional supplements that are of therapeutic strength with high efficacy rates.

Through her own health journey Sheryn can emphasise with, support, encourage and educate individuals to optimal health.


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